GF Securities Co., LtdGF Securities Co., Ltd

GF Securities, formerly the Securities Department of Guangdong Development Bank founded on September 8, 1991, was officially established at the end of 1993, and restructured into “GF Securities Limited Company” in 1996.

In 2001, “GF Securities Limited Company” as a whole was reorganized into a joint-stock company.

GF Securities as one of China's first integrated securities companies, obtained Innovation Pilot qualification in December 2004.

On February 12, 2010, GF Securities was successfully listed at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in a share swap deal with Yan Bian Highway Construction Ltd. GF Securities stock code at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is 000776.

GF Securities was rated a Grade AA securities company in China in 2011.

The Company (including subsidiaries) has total 207 securities broking branches nationwide, ranking the top 3 in China's securities industry.

The Company controls GF Futures Co., Ltd., GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and GF Xinde Investment Management Co., Ltd., and holds a stake in GF Fund Management Co., Ltd., and E Fund Management Co., Ltd., forming a preliminary structure of financial holding group that covers securities, funds, futures and equity investment.

The Company adheres to the core philosophy of “Seeking knowledge-based growth, being practical-minded, and making contribution” and the operation principle of “Steady and regulated operation.”

The Company attaches great importance to improving its internal management system and risk hedging mechanism, and has formed a featured compliance management system, which has helped the Company survive many significant market challenges.

The Company has grown continuously in scale through its own development and a series of market-oriented M&As, with its major operation benchmarks taking the lead in the industry over the years and becoming one of China's most influential securities companies.



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