Execution Solutions

In addition to executing orders via GFFM trading desks, GFFM offer a number of solutions for electronic trading.

Patsystems (PATS)

PATS is a long established and widely used trading platform:

  • Global network with access points in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London.
  • Chinese and English versions of PATS Trading Application (PTA) J-Trader available.
  • Self-contained internet download that is quick and easy to launch.
  • Real-time position and P&L display.
  • Third-party trading systems can be connected to the PATS API.

Trading Technologies (TT)

TT Platform builds on the success and popularity of X_Trader to deliver a faster and more modern platform:

  • Low latency global network of exchange co-located data centres.
  • No software to maintain using browser based front-end.
  • Multi-monitor support with TT Desktop
  • Track orders and the markets with TT Mobile.
  • Use the Autospreader to trade cross-market spreads.
  • Extensive online training and user guides.
  • TT Platform support available directly 24 hours/5.5 days a week.


GFFM has partnered with ATP to provide access for customers:

  • Choice of browser-based trading or full function desktop application.
  • Hosting network across China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Chinese and English versions.
  • Members of Chinese domestic exchanges can access those alongside international markets.







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