GF Group

GF Securities is a top Chinese securities company. Formerly the Securities Department of Guangdong Development Bank founded on September 8, 1991.

GF Securities as one of China's first integrated securities companies, obtained Innovation Pilot qualification in December 2004.

On February 12, 2010, GF Securities was successfully listed at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in a share swap deal with Yan Bian Highway Construction Ltd.

GF Securities stock code at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is 000776.

GF Securities was rated a Grade AA securities company in China in 2011.

The Company (including subsidiaries) has total 207 securities broking branches nationwide, ranking the top 3 in China's securities industry.

GF Group is a financial holding group with core securities business. It fully owns four subsidiaries, including GF Futures Co.,Ltd, GF Holdings(Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd, GF Xinde Investment Management Co.,Ltd, and GF Qianhe Investment Co.,Ltd, and partly holds GF Fund Management Co.,Ltd and E Fund Management Co.,Ltd.

Through these subsidiaries platforms, GF Group provides our clients with global securities and futures brokerage services, securities underwriting, asset management, equity investment and other comprehensive financial services.

Group Structure


Group Structure


Canton Tower, Guangzhou

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