1976 Company founded as Sogemin Metals Limited, a metals broker dealer and part of the Umicore Group. 

The company was purchased by Natexis Banque Populaire and changed name to Natexis Metals Limited. As the company diversified into energy, emissions, soft and agricultural commodities the name was changed to Natexis Commodity Markets Limited to reflect the wider activites being undertaken.

The merger between Natexis and IXIS in 2006 resulted in the company adopting the new name of the group to become Natixis Commodity Markets Limited.


GF Futures (HK) Co. Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of GF Futures Co. Limited and part of GF Securities, purchased 100% of the share capital held by Natixis SA. The company became GF Financial Markets (UK) Limited and a new era began.

Since then, GFFM has extended its product range further to offer execution and clearing of non-commodity derivatives.

GF Initials

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